November 26, 2012

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Guild Information Officer

June 5, 2012

Guild Information officer: Sally Whitmore 0418893663, email

Matilda Bay Spinning Day

March 8, 2012

Matilda Bay Spinning Day (14/1/12)

With a scorching high thirties forecast, I decided to leave at sparrows from my place in Mirrabooka, hoping against hope that I would be first at Matilda Bay to claim the gazebo, for its shade and central position. As I got closer to Crawley, my heart rose towards my throat, the tension mounting.

Once I’d parked the car, and unloaded my wheel and paraphernalia – Damn it! – I spotted a man sitting in the gazebo, drinking a soft drink, esky on table,

and looking like he owned the joint. The cheek! – because surely it’s a known fact that we own that gazebo on our first gathering of the year.

So I started looking around for a shady tree to set up; nothing really took my fancy. Standing there shell shocked for a

minute or two, I was wondering if I should approach the fellow and ask him what his plans for the gazebo actually were? And this I did, mentally rehearsing some judo I learned in my teens.

He said “I’m just waiting for the trouble and strife, who is lagging behind me in our walk.” This was a godsend as far as I was concerned; that gazebo is a lovely spot.

“That’s really great, coz this is where my spinning group meets today,” I informed him, my smile stretching beyond my ears.

Instantly, he evinced great interest. “How many people would you be expecting?”

“It varies, but usually about twenty,” I informed him.

“It would be fascinating to see that many spinning wheels together,” he said. “How long has your group existed?”

I told him about the Guild, which piqued his interest. He then let me know his wife was a quilter, and that

they often teach classes at the Bunbury Arts Centre.

“Yoohoo, Jayne, is that you?” I turned to see that Charmaine and Bev had arrived. By now it was just after half seven.

The man’s wife arrived, and they were gone, leaving a “I hope you have a great day.”

It was a superb effort by Bev, considering she’d had knee surgery only three days earlier.

A steady stream of spinners began arriving, unaware of the drama involved in the reconnoitring and securing of the facility earlier in the day.

A cool breeze was just what the doctor ordered, helping the thirty or so of us enjoy our time, sharing our love of spinning. It was

a treat to have the ladies from Atwell House and Mandurah join us.

Thank you to the ladies for providing the delicious cakes, whose crumbs the magpies had to make do with after we departed.

Everyone had a happy time, and it was discussed that we should do these outdoor spinning days more often, which I heartily agree with.

Jayne Lane Photos courtesy Bev Wallis

See the photo’s in this months ‘YarnSpinner’

Fibreswest 2011

July 22, 2011

Interpreting Photoshop images through woven tapestry
Photoshop is just another design tool but it can be tricky to get sophisticated and visually successful results; then there is the problem of
‘how do I weave it?’
If you have ever used or considered using Photoshop for designing tapestries, you will find the skills taught in this workshop a powerful aid.
This workshop is for intermediate and experienced weavers and concentrates on techniques to successfully interpret Photoshop designs
into woven tapestry. Participants will be able to weave from their own or a supplied design. The workshop will also include demonstration and discussion of Photoshop design processes.
(Materials fee about $10 per person.)
Cathy Hoffmann lives in Warrnambool, Victoria, has been a tapestry weaver for more than 20 years and in that time her work has been exhibited internationally and nationally.
She is Coordinator and teaches extensively in the Diploma of Tapestry offered by distance learning through South West Institute of TAFE. She has also taught Photoshop for 15 years and applies its photo manipulation capabilities to developing designs for her tapestries
Contact Iris Whitelock, for more information

Our newsletter

May 27, 2011

The June Yarnspinner has been posted! Check out the ‘Yarnspinner’ page for past issues.


May 18, 2011

Things are beginning to hot up at the Guild!!  First we have the Spin-In which should be a great experience, especially for those who have never been able to attend one previously. 


Then there is the Skein and Swatch competition (rules on page 13 of the Yarnspinner) for which we hope to get lots of entries, especially from those fabulous spin/knitters!  The swatches can be knitted, crocheted or woven—so come on girls, give it a go.


After that we are focussed on the Project of the Year, – this year the theme is “Stashbusters” – an opportunity for you go use up all those treasures hiding in your cupboards.  There are categories for Spinning, Weaving (on or off loom), Felting, Dyeing and even the opportunity for a Group Entry, – so get weaving (or whatever) and get organised.  More details will be in the August edition of the YarnSpinner.

Our New Application Brochure

May 17, 2011

New Application Brochure


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